jsTree and $currentnodeident

Mayada Al-Kishtini malkishtini at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 07:59:03 EDT 2018

Hi Michael,

I use JsTree in JS client, but I use it with datamode kJSTreeFlatWithTags.

I define this was:
Do iTreeList.$define(iParent,iChild,iChild2,iChild3,iChild4,iChild5,iChild6,iChild7,iConId,iIdent,iExpanded,iTextColor,iToolTip,iTag,iEnterable)

And I use iTag to pass the data I need from the current node.

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Are you using the jsTree in the JavaScript client?  I’m using the option for Dynamic Loading tree lists, kJSTreeDynamicLoad.  I have no problem building the tree information, that part is working.

I’m supposed to be able to find what node the user has selected with something like this:

Calculate ivCurrentNode as $cinst.$objs.Tree.$currentnodeident

I’ve tried this in a server-side method, client-side method or in the evClick and get a "notation not supported" either way.

Anyone else solved this?

Michael Houlberg
Houlberg Development, LLC

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