Running Omnis on an Ipad

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Many thanks to all for the suggestions - this is a customer that only has 4 users on the system - this 1 user wants to be able to access the database occasionally from his ipad - so I think the simplest solution is going to be the best for him and a remote connection for the others if they want to come into the database directly.
Any other solution is going to cost them a lot of money

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I'll just chip in here also, in the past I have created a solution using 
a citrix connection, which for its task worked very well, and like Gier, 
I wrote bespoke windows just for use within the citrix client on this 
device, which happened to also do bar code scanning...

These days, I wouldn't bother, the java script client is good enough to 
write a small subset of requirements for a small device, it looks 
better, can work without a network connection, and depending upon the 
number of users, can work well...

Indeed I have been looking at this very thing recently, where any single 
installation would not exceed probably the 10 user app server licence, 
along with the costs of the stand alone licence, and any other modules 
you may choose to use, it may not be cost prohibitive to use this as a 
solution these days...

Of course, as ever, it depends upon what you are trying to do...
And maybe the limitations of client side executed procedures might 
prevent you from doing what you want to do... (a limitation if you run 
stand alone.)

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 17/04/2018 11:14, Alex Clay wrote:
> Indeed. There is a very good reason iOS has thrived and Windows CE died.
> Alex
> --
> Alex Clay
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> Suran Systems, Inc.
>> On Apr 17, 2018, at 06:11, Geir Fjærli <omnis at> wrote:
>> I made an iPad frontend like that for a customer at one time. They found the normal Windows/Omnis interface rather useless on the iPad screen, with tiny entry fields and dropdowns and toolbars for navigation etc., so I created new custom windows in the app with thumb friendly oversized controls for the core functions that they needed on the pad, and hierarchical navigation screens to replace menus and toolbars.. Nothing like a real iOS interface, but at least it was usable. Then the customer scrapped the whole project…
>> Geir :)
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