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Fri Apr 13 10:24:21 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I have at the moment access to a relatively large app server license for testing and I have installed a number of thingies on the server for you to test if you want to see what can be done with the Omnis App etc.

First some basics:

Server: Mac Pro, 12 core (hardly using the cores), Mac OS X Server (Apache compiled as pre-forked - slow but compatible, basic optimisation), Postgres 10 (not optimised), network connection 500 mbit up / down. Test database is DVD Rental - not very big but offers a good platform for testing system development approaches. This server hardly gets loaded at all… Being in the process of evaluating the bottle necks at this time.

Main principles:

Very ambitious management of database sessions - maximise re-use and aggressive use of SQL workers. Serving about 400-500 db requests per second uses max 15 sessions on the Postgres system - and the individual instances uses only 2-4 % processing power each. Great potential for improvements. Completely modularised approach with as much re-use as possible between desktop and mobile device use. The push mechanisms allows for several workers to be active contributor to a given form or object. Object-centric data handling. Close to all code is common with the fat client version of the remote form - much higher speed for loading new data and redraw of course in the fat client version - no network delays.

Caveat: The first use of tabs in the mobile device setting generates an error that I am trying to find… A bit late in the evening so I give up for today… After accepting the dialog the mobile device will function properly for the different tab items. This might create problems under high load (fingers crossed). I have inactivated the actors film listing since there is a problem with that sub-area - will have to manually re-build that.

For desktop users:

This main window collects data from different tables (can also be different systems and services utilising different session pools and / or service providers). The map and the video module are using hard-coded examples. The sales statistics create a multi-join aggregate of sales for the chosen actor - you can also choose to see the aggregation as a pie chart. The film listing sub-form is now being re-constructed. Currently there is an error in the listing of an actors films that I am investigating...

The different forms are the same for both desktop and for mobile clients with some real-time modifications being done depending on the deployment modes.

For mobile users using Omnis App - recommended:

App name: whatever you want… (maybe Stenes test…)
Host server:
Online form URL: /testapp?

No offline version yet… :-)

There are some RESTful services also installed on the server to be tested using REST client systems. If you are the first to call the routine be prepared to wait a short while during the first initiation. The URIs are below

Retrieving a single small record for a random number selected actor:

Retrieving aggregated sales figures for an randomly selected actor:

These REST services do not use SQL workers due to the nature of their limitations - hope Omnis can change this in the future.

I will use the Performance Analyser to aggregate performance information during the tests. The up-time for this install might be short… :-)

Sten-Erik Björling

Take care, all the best… Test away…



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