Push Messaging and RESTful API on IIS

Gavin Foster omnislist at dataweaver.com
Fri Apr 13 06:25:10 EDT 2018

Hi $all,

I’ve implemented push messaging as per pages 57-58 in the Omnis_Webdev81.pdf manual.
It works fine when talking directly to Omnis directly via its serverport.
However, it’s not working on IIS.

In IIS Manager, I’ve installed both of the following and ensured Execute permissions are turned on as per TNJS0003 <http://www.omnis.net/technotes/tnjs0003.jsp>:
- omnisapi.dll (this works and remote forms instantiate via the website URL)
- omnisrestapi.dll (this seems to be failing or I haven’t configured something)

I suspect I’m failing to understand the following section in the manual:

For example, if your HTML page for the JavaScript client uses the URL:
then the client scripts will convert this to:
for the push connection. You can see the URL used for push connections by using browser debugging tools.  

Does anyone have any experience in this and can help?
Perhaps I need to add a parameter to the <div id=“omnisobject1”… line?

Thanks vm,

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