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Jim Creak jim at
Thu Apr 12 17:32:20 EDT 2018

We have this:

Calculate LL_Files as $clib.$files.$makelist($ref.$name,$ref.$datahead.$filemode)
Set current list LL_Files
Redefine list {LLC_Name,LLN_Mode}
Set search as calculation {LLN_Mode=kReadonly}
Search list (From start,Select matches (OR),Deselect non-matches (AND),Do Not Load Line)
Invert selection for line(s) (All lines)
Delete selected lines
Call procedure MAg_Windows/53 (LL_Files,"Which File would you like to Re-Index?") {List Message} with return value LC_File_Name
If flag true
Working message (High position,Repeat count) {Step 1/2: // Removing old Indexes}
Drop indexes {[LC_File_Name]}
Working message (High position,Repeat count) {Step 2/2: // Rebuilding Indexes}
Build indexes {[LC_File_Name]}
Close working message
End If
Quit procedure
Local variable LC_File_Name (Character   10000000)
Local variable LL_Files (List)
Local variable LLC_Name (Character   10000000)
Local variable LLN_Mode (Long integer)

Call procedure MAg_Windows/53
—	Pops up a list and asks the user to select one item from that list.


JACSoft Programming Ltd. <>
> On 13/04/2018, at 5:23 am, Mark L. Wise <mark at> wrote:
> Good afternoon all!
> Just yesterday, our OMNIS7 application is failing to properly position a file on a
> Find last on FILE
> Is there a utility or way to reset the indexes on an OMNIS Data file?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Mark
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