Headedlist crashing Omnis on triple click

Graeme Harris gfhwalkabout at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 10 04:35:09 EDT 2018

Hi All.

I am having a problem with a lookup window that contains a headed list 
box during data entry if I get going too quickly on my entry selection 
from the list and do what I would call a triple click instead of a click 
to select the list line with a short pause then a double click to pass 
the selected line back to the calling window Omnis Studio 8.1.5 on MacOS 
10.13.4 crashes with no error.

my code behind the list:

On evClick
     If #CTRL
     End If

On evDoubleClick
     Do irCallingInstance.$loadpart(iSqlList)     ;; Pass the selected 
item back to the calling window
     Do $cwind.$close()

Graeme Harris

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