Thad Bogert thad at
Mon Apr 9 14:06:30 EDT 2018

Hi All,

At the recent Omnis conference in Boston I presented a few tools that I had developed to help enhance Omnis development.  OmniBOT (Omnis Bag Of Tricks) is a compilation of these tools.  All tools have been developed in a non-unicode version of Studio 4.3.2 and should (hopefully) work on newer versions with no code changes. 

Text Menu
The "Text" menu allows for the ability to paste text in the clipboard into an Omnis method for use in text blocks. The utility converts each line of text to an Omnis "Text:" command suitable for generated text blocks.

SQL Menu
The "SQL" menu allows for the ability to paste SQL statements into an Omnis method as "STA:" commands.  The menu also allows for the ability to view the current statement buffer as it is being built.

The oLink (Omnis Link) menu adds the ability for a developer to generate, share, and utilize links to classes, methods, and method lines in Omnis Studio.  

The tools are available for download on the page linked below: <>

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