Move database from one server to another

ADJob mats at
Tue Jul 25 10:20:46 EDT 2017


> Launch program pg_dump -d=databasename -h=ipaddress -U=backupuser
> -f=mybackup.backup << password (Do not quit Omnis)
> or
> Start program normal {pg_dump -d=databasename -h=ipaddress -U=backupuser
> -f=mybackup.backup << password}
> Just need to add paths probably and make sure pg_dump is included with
> you install.

This does not work:

Launch program pg_dump [gv_DB] > [gv_DB].sql (Do not quit Omnis)
Start program normal {{pg_dump [gv_DB] > [gv_DB].sql}

Nothing happens. No error etc

This works, so I guess I have to add path to the pg_dump:

Launch program (Do not quit Omnis)
Start program normal {}

how do I get the path to pg_dump?


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