07 Printing Error because. Print Job in Progress

bub buppeke at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 09:26:09 EDT 2017

Udo, we finally managed to isolate our similar situation.  We had PCL6 
driver on Citrix + PCL6 driver Local.  Changing driver to Generic on 
Citrix and keeping PCL driver local solved the issue. Our issue was that 
same message popped up with any print commands, not just with P-Print 
Popup menu.


On 7/5/2017 5:07 PM, Udo Sonnabend wrote:
> Hi Folks
> May be some one got similar Problems, running Omnis 7 on Windows:
> -When printing to a Window field
> -Selecting the P-Print popup menu on the right
> -Printing report
> -Report is not printed
> -The next "Send to Printer"- Command shows an OK-message with error < cannot set report destination while a print  job is in progress<
> If i do a "end print job" before and then "Send to Printer" there is no error.
> So i suggest it is a communication problem...
> Our Costumer changed the printerdriver to a PCL 6 PrinterDriver for a RICOH printer. Bevore, there were no errors.
> Any idea ?
> Udo.
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