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Hi Mats,

The easiest method would really be to script this outside of Omnis. You can write the script from Omnis, but scripting this will allow you to test the whole process outside of Omnis, and when it works the way you want, you can replace the IPs with placeholders, then from Omnis make a copy of the script file, replace the placeholders in your file with appropriate values, and then open the script file  from Omnis.


Rudolf Bargholz

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Sometimes you have to move a database from one old postgresql server to new postgresql server. I have done this before with PGAdmin using pg_dump and pg_restore. 

My goal is however to do the move from within Omnis. Add new IP and click a button, sort of.

1. Can I do pg_dump / pg_restore from within Omnis?
2. Any tip how to do this in an other smart way? 

I have done something similar moving a native datafile into a Postgresql server, so I know it is possible. I have a solution, but I am searching for a smarter way.

Any advice or input appreciated.

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