SV: $O-8.0.3 x64 - Mac OS 10.12.5 : crash on "enter data" : solved thanks t o Kelly

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Wed Jul 12 07:38:43 EDT 2017

Here's the proper explanation from the Studio manuals:

Event Processing and Enter Data Mode

Normally, the default processing for an event takes place when all the event handler methods dealing with the event have finished executing. It is not possible to have active unprocessed events when waiting for user input so the default processing is carried out for any active events after an Enter data command has been executed or at a debugger break. Therefore if required, you can use the Process event and continue command to override the default behavior and force events to be processed allowing an event handling method to continue.

The Process event and continue (Discard event) option lets you discard the active event. For example, in an event handler for evOK the following code would cause the OK event to be thrown away before the subsequent enter data starts.

  On evOK
     Process event and continue (Discard event) Open window instance {window2}
     Enter data


As Daniel suggested, the crashing aspect of JM's problem could maybe be considered a bug in Studio 8 - I can't recall if my Studio 4 problems resulted in a crash or just wrong behavior.


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