AW: Run code before check in into VCS (O$61)

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Mon Jul 10 05:52:59 EDT 2017

Hi Mirko

Ask the german support (i.e. Götz Krija), they can tell you how to open the VCS Library. They helped us in doing so and we could program our own VCS-Library builder which builds nightly a build over lots of libraries.



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Hello $all

I would like to streamline my development process, by performing some task automatically before checking in the classes into the VCS.
I was thinking at some code linting:
- running the build in method checker
- running some methods to check, if the code has enough comments
- later perhaps doing some complexity analysis like: <>
- running some test-suits

Of course I can do it manually, but it would be nice, if the VCS called some method of mine before displaying the check-in-dialog.

I tried to modify the VCS-Library, but it seems to be closed.
Any ideas?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Mirko Pepa

Mirko Pepa, dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker
Profile GmbH, Schaffhauserstr. 103, 8400 Winterthur
Tel. 052-213 63 33 |<> |<>

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