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Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Thu Jan 26 20:37:33 EST 2017

Hey David,

We've been having issues with images pasted into pictures fields even in
Omnis Studio 6. They seem to be using whatever internal format the
platform uses and Omnis won't convert them to anything. pictformat on
mac does return 'PICT' as the format but I remember having issues in
Omnis Studio 4 with it returning empty, could be unrelated but just
thought I mention it.

Also have a look at the omnis SDK and find the file called colpix.h, it
describes the data format for shared pictures. On face value it looks
like its a straight forward  bitmap format where the data is either
presented as is, or RLE compressed. If you can verify that the images
are indeed stored as such it looks like there is enough in the SDK to
create a little xcomp that converts the data to something else.

If it turns out to be some other format, I vaguely remember Omnis will
simply add a header in front of the raw image data, if you can strip
that off you might be able to use something else to figure out what the
format actually is and convert it to something more usable.



On 27/01/2017 10:18 AM, David Ferri wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> We’re struggling with this as well. We have pictures stored in a SQL Server database that were most likely added by an Omnis 7 and/or Studio application with shared picture format turned on. Applying the pictformat() function returns a blank. We looked at the headers and nearly all of the pictures start with 00 04 which Kelly tells us he doesn’t recognize. In the old Omnis 7 documentation is states quite clearly that once set to shared picture format there is no going back. So where you say "you could use omnis to convert it from shared picture format to jpg or png” how would we do that?
> Regards,
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>> On Jan 16, 2017, at 9:28, Doug Easterbrook <doug at artsman.com> wrote:
>> hi Dhulhum.
>> I suspect completely depends on the format you saved it in.   IF you viewed the picture in omnis — its probably in some omnis shared picture format and not the jpg or png thart you think it is.
>> if it is omnis shared picture format — then is compatible only with showing on omnis in mac or window — and there is no conversion (that I know of) that lets other applications use it natively.
>> but you could use omnis to convert it from shared picture format to jpg or png .. and then store that in the database — which might help you get it out with .net.
>> thats my suspicion.       the omnis ‘pict’ commands such as pictconvto and pictformat might give you clues.
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>>> On Jan 16, 2017, at 7:20 AM, Dhulhum Khan <dhulhumkhan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have saved an image in oracle database from omnis studio application.
>>> I have been given a task to fetch the same picture(BLOB) in .net
>>> application which was saved to oracle database from omnis studio 5.2
>>> application.
>>> I am not able to display picture. It is giving invalid value error.
>>> (ArgumentException (parameter is not valid) in .net application).
>>> Can anyone help please.
>>> Regards,
>>> Dhulhum
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