Omnis and Postgres

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Hey Chris,

Restarting the whole machine?

I don't have personal experience but our IT guy that looks after many of
our clients computer has this as his personal gripe. EVERYTIME Windows
does an automatic update half the services get shut down and don't come
back up. Postgres generally does come back up but pgAgent very often
does not.

It's happened a few times now that we find out after a week or two no
backups have been running and when talking to the client they go like
"oh yeah, each morning I start JobBag it gives me a message that no
backups have run, but you guys do the backups, so I ignored it"... Uhm
ok, thanks Microsoft!



On 17/01/2017 9:03 PM, Chris Hughes wrote:
> Hi one and all,
> My Microsoft windows 10 did an update without asking, when I left the
> office for a short time, and when I tried to go back to the Omnis
> program that had dropped out.  I then restarted Omnis not a problem.
> Then I tried restarting the Omnis library this is the message I received.
> The not OK said the following:-
> The postgresql-9.5PostgreSQL Server 9.5 service on the local computer
> started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are
> not used by other services or programs  [Ok]
> Microsoft have struck again.
> I did go to services and tried restarting the Postgres service no luck.
> Went to the Postgres dependency, found  The RPCSS service one not
> running. Started no luck again.
> Any body any ideas??
> Or do I remove Postgres and install again.
> Chris Hughes
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