Omnis and Postgres

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hi Chris:

I have not experienced postgres unable to start after a windows 10 update on any of our sites using win 10 — but I’ll watch.   If you find out any other info, please share it.

We’ve tried to turn of windows 10 update and anti virus so we can do managed updates of things, but microsoft, in their apparent wisdom, have decreed that people are to stupid to know what is good for them so windows 10 automatically turns those back after a short while.

the only way I’ve heard of to prevent auto-updates, if it helps you,  is to  declare your internet connection to be dialup by editing the registry (which they also make harder).

I’ve followed links online and done it once —   but if that helps you for the future — you might want to go search.

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> On Jan 17, 2017, at 3:03 AM, Chris Hughes <ataddata at> wrote:
> Hi one and all,
> My Microsoft windows 10 did an update without asking, when I left the office for a short time, and when I tried to go back to the Omnis program that had dropped out.  I then restarted Omnis not a problem. Then I tried restarting the Omnis library this is the message I received.
> The not OK said the following:-
> The postgresql-9.5PostgreSQL Server 9.5 service on the local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not used by other services or programs  [Ok]
> Microsoft have struck again.
> I did go to services and tried restarting the Postgres service no luck.
> Went to the Postgres dependency, found  The RPCSS service one not running. Started no luck again.
> Any body any ideas??
> Or do I remove Postgres and install again.
> Chris Hughes
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