An interesting experiment with JSON, Postgres and Omnis

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at
Mon Jan 16 17:18:57 EST 2017

Hi Mike,

On 16/01/2017 6:44 PM, Mike Matthews wrote:
> Currently you need just a few bits and pieces available in JS, just as we do.  But what is the line?  And how long long will that line last?
I think that line is different for everyone. We ourselves are drawing
that line sooner rather then later.

But I can imagine for someone that only needs a small amount of
functionality outside of a desktop application initially and only
deploys to a handful of users they can hit the ground running with what
Omnis has to offer and at the same time get a lot of experience within a
familiar environment. Even if they later on decide that the Omnis
JavaScript Client just isn't the right tool for the job, there is still
a lot of value in the experience done.
That said, I was very pleasantly surprised talking to both Birgit and
Andreas last year and telling me about what success they have had in
Germany with larger scale JavaScript Client solutions.

The thing that should not be forgotten is that everyone of us on this
list has years of experience with Omnis development. While I have done a
few projects on the web side of life I have found it daunting to find an
environment we're comfortable with. We're still debating what we
actually want to write our middle tier in. One small advantage here is
that REST is well supported in nearly all the environments so there is
some leeway if our front end consumes a REST interface and we're not
happy with the middle tier.

All in all, I am far from given up writing software in Omnis. For
business applications it is still my favourite development environment
and even if we go down the path of writing the middle tier in something
else (and decide to move away from client-server for our desktop app) I
would still love to use Omnis for the front end.

I still firmly believe that devices today are more then capable of
running the Omnis runtime and the old issue early on that Apple wouldn't
allow runtimes has long since gone. I can already deploy such a solution
to a Surface Pro, with Studio 8 being converted to Cocoa I'm sure Omnis
Software could create a runtime build to deploy on iOS (I don't care
that some of the UI like (context) menus will be disabled as there is no
construct for those). Both would need a few  enhancements to be able to
use touch but I think that is something Omnis Software should do anyhow
with most new Windows machines coming out with touch capabilities and
Apple eventually following suit as well.

That would be my ideal scenario. Be able to develop a normal Omnis
Studio app, talking to a REST API, that I can deploy through the various
stores to platforms beyond OSX and Windows.

No issues with clients complaining they must still use an old version of
IE because they don't trust Google and love Windows XP (luckily we don't
have many of those, only one or two, though plenty who are stuck on win
7 and indeed allow nothing but IE), no issues with clients wanting to
stick to Safari because Google is evil, no issues with clients
complaining it is taking 30 minutes to open my app because they are
somewhere in the outback on a poor 3G connection and their phone keeps
downloading megabytes of JS that for whatever reason weren't in cache.

But that is just me:)



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