O$ v6.01 and Windows 10

Philip Tulett philip.tulett at pdq-networks.com
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Hi Gavin,

Why not create a Windows 7 Virtual Machine and run that on the Windows 10 Laptop.

I have a separate development virtual machine for each client, that way I can keep each exactly as per the clients environment.


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Hi $all and Happy New Year!

We have a client on Windows 7, using Omnis Studio v6.01, with SQLServer, via ODBC.

We were developing in a similar environment until the laptop was stolen and we had to buy a new one, which came with Windows 10.

Now, every time we connect to the client’s network over VPN, and try to open a ODBC SQL session, Omnis v6.01 crashes.

- Downgrade the new development machine to Windows 7 (backward move).
- Get a separate laptop with Windows 7 specially for this client (we object to this cost and extra weight).
- Upgrade development and the client’s runtimes to v6.1 (client objects to runtime upgrade cost).

Now, we’re going to try with v6.03 to see if this works, but does anyone have any other suggestions that we’ve overlooked?

Thanks vm,
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