Method editor in Studio 8

Marten Verhoeven m.verhoeven at
Mon Feb 20 10:56:23 EST 2017

Hi Bastiaan,

Have I missed something? I haven't seen a 8.1 beta program... 

But, the improvements in 8 are really nice already. A few details need some improvement, but it really makes a difference (you notice this especially when you go back).

With kind regards,

Marten Verhoeven


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Onderwerp: Method editor in Studio 8

Hey All,

I've been playing around with the Studio 8.1 beta in my spare time over the last week. Now I don't know how much of this is new in 8.1 and how much is already in 8.0 as I've not given 8.0 more then a glance over.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new method editor. My word this thing is brilliant! When Bob showed us the early version over a year ago at EurOmnis I though it was nice and funky but didn't really think much more of it. Now that I've got several hours of hands on experience with it, damn it's good!

Just wanted to share that publicly :)



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