O$ 6.02 and Windows 10

Phil (OmnisList) phil at pgpotter.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 05:29:50 EST 2017

Hi Lester,

If your install is within the program files folder then the security has 
become stronger in windows 10, and writeable files now have to be moved 
to a user area.
ie C:\Users\someone\AppData\Local\TigerLogic\Omnis602\ ...

Its possible to avoid this by creating your own directory outside of 
Program Files...
ie C:\SW\MyApp

The write security is reduced then, so these issues reduce.
This way, all files can be in this folder...  As you might find in a Mac 
in the program files section, all writeable files need to be in the user 
folder, as maybe where the standard Omnis installer puts them?

Maybe this is your issue?

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 20/02/2017 06:00, Lester Hurrelbrink wrote:
> I have an application in O$ 6.02 that worked fine with Windows 7. Unfortunately my office had to get new computers that are all Windows 10. I installed the runtimes on the new machines without any problem. When I try to open/run the library I get the following message on most of the machines: "Access to [Path to my library] denied”. I got it to run on one of the new computers and it works fine. On another one I got it to work by putting the library in the same folder as the executable rather than the Public Desktop. However, that little trick did not work with the other machines. The IT guy that set up the new computers swears that they are all set up exactly the same. He tried turning off the virus software, the firewall, and something else in the security area to no avail. He seems extremely competent and compulsive. I work on a Mac and don’t know much about the workings of Windows and this is the 1st time to work in Windows 10. The permissions for the library are correct and I am logged in as an administrator. Any ideas? Is 6.02 generally compatible with Windows 10? Anyone else out there having similar problems or have a suggestion? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
> Les

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