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Hi Mate

Almost all laptops these days have universal power supplies, you can 
check the voltages accepted by looking at the power supply.

There is a good thread here on internet access ;)




On 15/2/17 4:29 pm, Paul Mulroney wrote:
> Hi $All,
> One of my clients is travelling from Australia to the US  for the first time, and he would like to know if his laptop "will work" over there.  In Australia we have 240V mains supply; I know in the US they have 110V.  Can they take their laptop over, plug it in and have it not blow up?
> Also, what's the deal with internet?  Can they buy some mobile broadband or something for while they're over there?  They are planning a very long road trip, so using hotel wifi probably isn't a viable alternative.
> Any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Paul.
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