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hi clifford:

its always nice to occasionally have a contrarian opinion to the great Clifford Ilkay - because it doesn’t happen often :)

I understand why some people don’t store images in a database.    Perfectly fine if you control the resources.

On the other hand, we store images in our postgres database so we can use pg_dump for a snapshot with *logical data integrity* and send it to us, or to a customer offsite backup or what have you.   This gives transportability of data as well - without fuss

we can scale the image on the way out of the database, just as easily as scaling it on the way out of a file, so thats a wash, time wise.

so the key benefit of images being in a database (for us) are
— single command to snaphot the database with logical integrity
— single data access point (pgdam), so we don’t need file shares or anything set up to point to servers, that could be on any machine.
— no fuss about what the user might do with images stored elsewhere and possibly lose them.

this is a preference, so I thought I’d highlight some reasons to put it in the database.

the contrarian side is that database backups get big quickly.

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> On Feb 14, 2017, at 12:04 PM, CLIFFORD ILKAY <clifford_ilkay at DINAMIS.COM> wrote:
> On 14/02/17 09:27 AM, Jim Pistrang wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm storing some photos as binary data in a Postgres database.  The column is defined as a PICTURE in the Omnis schema, and the user inserts/updates by pasting a photo into a picture field (kPictureObject) in an Omnis window.  I can check the size of the pasted picture with the binlength() function and not do an insert or update if the image is too large.
>> My immediate problem:  I haven't been checking the size up till now, and there are about 500 photos already in the database that are really big (8mb or so).  Is there a way in Omnis (or with some other tool) that I can fetch an image, reduce its size, and then update postgres?
>> Thanks from snowy New England,
>> Jim
> Hi Jim,
> I think you use OS X. If so, "batch resize image" yielded this: <>. I haven't used it. I have used ImageMagick and Photoshop to batch resize and both worked well.
> You're underscoring why I never store images in the database. I store a relative file path and set the base path as a config option. I store the highest resolution and then transform the images on the fly, as necessary. It's rare that I'll need just one size of an image.
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