Pdf in ActiveX not showing up

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Tue Feb 14 05:22:08 EST 2017

Hey Greg,

I hope to be on 8.1 eventually but we'll likely skip 8.0. It's possible
that we'll skip 8 all together and go to 9, it all depends on what will
happen in the next couple of months.

Our biggest issue is very simple and straight forward. We've just bought
new Studio 6 licenses for a large section of our clients, it's taken us
2 to 3 years getting everyone from Studio 4 to Studio 6. Even at EMU
pricing it will take awhile before it makes simple economic sense to go
through that process again and at this point in time Studio 8 does not
offer enough new functionality over 6 to warrant that expense.

Obviously with the new people at the helm there is tremendous
opportunity for new ways of selling Omnis to be introduced that would
remove this hurdle and create a win win opportunity here. But as David
Lewis has made very clear, they are gaining experience at the helm
before making up their minds what they will and will not do. Time will
tell if what they come up with works for us, or does not work for us. If
it works for us I wouldn't be surprised if we accelerate our plans to
migrate, if it does not it will be delayed until it makes economic sense
to do so. That's simply what it takes to stay in business in an
increasingly competitive market

And I'm sure that goes for everyone in this business, including those
still on Studio 4 or 5 who simply have weighed the benefits of upgrading
to the cost and decided the cost does not (yet) justify the gains.

All in all, leaving this on a positive note. I've slowly been finding
time to play with the 8.1 beta and it is a very nice build with some
very interesting features they are introducing. If there is one thing
that the new management has proven is a serious willingness to invest in
this product. I really see that it is making the kind of progress that I
have been missing from Omnis Software for many years. Hurray!



On 14/02/2017 3:36 PM, Grzegorz (Greg) Pasternak wrote:
> Bas;
> Regardless of where you currently are you need to think were you want (or may) be in the future, the chances are that O$8.x is your natural choice just like 5.x or 6.x at the moment.  While you are looking for solution in your current version you may perhaps add come code comments (and or pane) for display of pdf using oBrowser and I think O$8.1 is just around the proverbial corner.  
> Greg

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