Need help (again) understanding something...

Wendy wizardcompserv at
Tue Feb 7 04:30:41 EST 2017

Mine are set to read only and only changed when required.

Also I use it as a method of stopping more than 1 user from editing the same
record at the same time.  - When a user selects 'Edit'  I test if the record
can be set in 'Edit' mode and if not the user is told that the record is in


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Hi Mike

I'd put another 2 cents on that. All my DML files are created as Read Only
and toggled Read Write during data update methods.

Safety first.


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> Hi
When I was doing Omnis with DML  I always set all files as memory only
> or
read only, except for the one (or two etc) I am currently updating which
> I
would set to read-write.  Then immediately set them back to read
> only.
Otherwise you'll find that you can be updating stuff you really don't
> want
Just my 2 cents.

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