Looking for Omnis programmer.

Per-Arne Svensson perarnesvensson at me.com
Thu Feb 2 08:49:40 EST 2017

Hi all,

I’m an one man company and have been developing a filmproducuction system for the last couple of years. I´m using Omnis Studio 8.0.2 and doing my application for a fat-client installation. The interest for my application is now overwhelming and I must finish it before this summer. I have not yet made the iPad/iPhone/Android versions of the modules so I need help with these. Is there someone who have time to help me? Some of the modules are very simple and some are more complicated. There is about 10-15 apps that have to be made. I’m located in Gothenburg, Sweden but it doesn´t matter where you are.

Best regards,
P.A. Svensson

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