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Hello Rob! 

Well, buying 'new' is one approach. Having bought any number of new printers over the years... 

I was _given_ an HP Color LaserJet CP2025 a couple of years ago; needed some minor repair so trivial I can't even remember what it was. It has all the features you're looking for: Full Duplex, 4 toner cartridges (with a wide range of suppliers to pick from), TCP/IP networking available - though USB is the cheaper model, very good driver support of HP printers via Apple Updates. I often use the 'black only' option - printing a lot of music and the like - so one can keep toner consumption focused on one cartridge. 

Full-color performance is really good; 'business acceptable'. It's 'good enough' for photos, too, but it ain't the same color saturation as the more purpose-built photo printers. 

Thing has been a workhorse. Just resupplied it new toner cartridges - again - and the thing keeps on ticking. These can now be had for prices ranging from 'cheap' to 'free'. 

Lou Picciano 

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Hi $all 

I am going to buy a new printer and have decided to try colour laser, as opposed to colour inkjet that I have been using for the last 10 years. 

There is such a plethora of choice I am totally bewildered. What’s important to me is: 
duplex printing /* a common feature, easy to identify 
individual colour cartridges /* I want to avoid waste of “all in one” cartridges 
page speed/volume is irrelevant /* about 10 pages per month 
wired network 
Apple work environment 

Any suggestions or warnings? 
Rob Mostyn 
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