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hi Rob:

I’ve been using an HP Colour Lasetjet 2600n for nearly 10 years.   I just helped a friend find a colour printer — and it was an HP laserjet as well.

what made me choose them?    well, 10 years ago, mine cost me $350 Canadian.    my friends cost him $199 Canadian a year ago.    they are cheap, they are small-ish and they work.

What do they do and don’t do?

they print very reasonable colour images from web sites quite quickly.   It is NOT photo quality — but is good enough for anything I’ve used it for.

Ethernet — wired is pretty standard these days.    Many also do wifi and some do ‘airprint’ — which is the ability to print directly from an IOS device.

Fast — well fast enough.  Mine is on 24 hours a day and most pages come out of it in seconds.

Web Control:  you can hit the HP printers with a web browser to monitor usage of the cartridge or change almost any settings you want.

in short, most any relatively inexpensive HP with ethernet will work for you.   I would avoid those all in one with scanners and fax and stuff.     the plain jane colour printers are workhorses, even though they are cheap.

here is one thing that might not seem obvious.    With an inkjet, the cartridges are expensive — and they dry up if you don’t use them that often, so you end up paying a lot.

with a colour laser, the toner last for ever (ok, well 4000 pages or so).  but the COST of the toner is almost as much as the cost of the printer — mine costs about $350 CDN to replace all 4 toner cartridges at one time — but then it lasts 3 years or so (the kids go through most of it for school projects :))

funny concept that — thinking that a printer is a disposable commodity — you are really just paying for the toner and the printer is free.

ok, so I’ve gone on about HP — I like them, they’ve always worked.       Some others at Artsman have black and white Brother laser  printers that we got for $75 each a number of years ago as a close out sale.  It was cheaper to buy two for people, have them last a few years - rather than buy more toner cartridges.

but. …  I really like mine.  its small enough footprint for a home office — so I keep on buying more toner every few years and keep it running.

I looked at the UK HP store <>

I’m not saying it is the best one, but the M252dw costs 166 sterling, wifi, airprint, colour  — not that expensive.

The m452nw is $189 with a 5 year warranty, does wired ethernet, wifi, apple airprint

lots of choices —   we got ours at a local computer depot and just picked what was on sale (which made it cheaper).

bottom line- they are almost disposable items — so get one, take it home and try it.  if you don’t like it, take it back and get a different one.

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> On Jun 30, 2016, at 4:31 AM, research <robertmostyn99 at> wrote:
> Hi $all
> I am going to buy a new printer and have decided to try colour laser, as opposed to colour inkjet that I have been using for the last 10 years.
> There is such a plethora of choice I am totally bewildered.  What’s important to me is:
> duplex printing	/* a common feature, easy to identify
> individual colour cartridges	/* I want to avoid waste of “all in one” cartridges
> page speed/volume is irrelevant	/* about 10 pages per month
> wired network
> Apple work environment
> Any suggestions or warnings?
> Rob Mostyn
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