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Thu Jun 30 07:19:38 EDT 2016

Hi Rob

We've always had HP laser printers and never regretted it. The last one is still going after 10 years. 

However recently we purchased a HP Colour laser jet MFC 477 FDW. It is a Colour laser/scanner (single pass duplex scanning)/ fax/ copier. Wireless, Ethernet and awesome. The only downside is the replacement cartridges, but if you are printing as little as you say, you probably won't ever buy any!

It's a duplex printer and duplex scanning as well. If you're looking to reduce you paper, duplex scanning is important but admittedly a bit of a luxury. 

David Blaymires

> On 30 Jun 2016, at 8:31 PM, research <robertmostyn99 at> wrote:
> Hi $all
> I am going to buy a new printer and have decided to try colour laser, as opposed to colour inkjet that I have been using for the last 10 years.
> There is such a plethora of choice I am totally bewildered.  What’s important to me is:
> duplex printing    /* a common feature, easy to identify
> individual colour cartridges    /* I want to avoid waste of “all in one” cartridges
> page speed/volume is irrelevant    /* about 10 pages per month
> wired network        
> Apple work environment
> Any suggestions or warnings?
> Rob Mostyn
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