Studio 8.0.1 JS web server - removing old serial

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at
Tue Jun 21 18:41:23 EDT 2016

Hey Andrew,

And it shouldn't. The serial number is stored in the omnis.cfg file,
that is what the Omnis interface does.

The serial.txt file was introduced a long time ago as a mechanism to
introduce a new serial number on startup of Omnis. When Omnis starts, it
will search for a serial.txt file and when it exists, import that serial
number into Omnis IF the serial number is valid. After that the
serial.txt file can be deleted.



On 22/06/2016 5:16 AM, Andrew Stolarz wrote:
> Thanks Mike.
> The deleting serial.txt did the trick.
> fyi... the web server does not have a tools menu / change serial number
> option. It has a deactivate serial option under the file menu (which also
> does not clear the serial.txt file).
> Andrew

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