Opening a document from Studio 8 in Windows

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Sat Jun 18 13:31:42 EDT 2016

Hi Scotte,

just F1 on the register dll command... and all should be revealed...

ie: Handle = 32 bit int, 16 gives current user desktop:

Register DLL ('shfolder.dll','SHGetFolderPathW','NJJJJC') Returns ErrCode
Call DLL ('shfolder.dll','SHGetFolderPathW',Handle,16,'#NULL#',0,lvPath) 
Returns ErrCode

ie lcProgram = 'Excel' will run Excel...

Register DLL ('Shell32.dll','ShellExecuteW','JJCCCCJ') Returns lbStatus
Call DLL 
Returns lbStatus

Phil Potter
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On 17/06/2016 19:08, Scotte Meredith wrote:
> I’m new to using Register DLL & Call DLL.
> Where do I find documentation on what all the parameters like the ‘JJCCCCJ’ come from and how I know which to use?
> I’m using Studio 8 (64 bit) on Windows 8 and getting crashes when calling either shell32 or Kernel32 to open an external document or get a short pathname. It worked prior to Studio 8. I have put in a test for isunicode() and am using ShellExecuteW instead of ShellExecuteA as in 32 bit.
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