oole2.dll what does it do and can it be removed in Studio 5.2.3 (safely)

Doug Easterbrook doug at artsman.com
Fri Jun 10 00:29:04 EDT 2016

hi all:

We are wondering what oole2.dll does or how one invokes in it Studio 5.2.3 Windows

According to tiger logic, its for object linking and embedding — and it no longer ships with Studio 6.x
https://www.tigerlogic.com/tigerlogic/omnis/developers/generalinfo.jsp <https://www.tigerlogic.com/tigerlogic/omnis/developers/generalinfo.jsp>

Since we seem to be having a crash happening in Studip 5.2.3, I’m wondering

1) if it is some command that must be explicitly invoked by trying to use some feature — or …
2) is it something that another xcomp is dependant on   — or
3) is it just an old useless artifact left over from the days when Microsoft was promoting object linking embedding … and is no longer required 00 and ca be safely removed.

anybody have any thoughts??

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