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When I have to do this I export all the data and import into a new database.  
Be aware that if you have text fields with line feeds in them and you export as tab delimited you will lose the line feed - for these files I use the Omnis data transfer.
You will also lose any connections to other files - these I reset manually when the import is finished.

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So now you have to export either side of the bad record.

Then drop that format, and reimport.

And while importing in 2 sessions, add the missing record by hand.

You should get away with it now.  But once all good, do a full export and reimport.


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On 9 Jun 2016, at 09:56, Daniel Sananes <daniel.s at> wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> The datafile reported ONE fault regarding ONE record.
> So a Repair after Check data was done.
> Now Omnis reports thousands and thousands of faults regarding unused blocks.
> Inserting into the datafile is not possible, message is "Datafiles are full".
> Omnis says there are 3.000.000 blocks free.
> But as the fault-message says "Unused blocks" etc. I could not find any other solution than exporting/importing.
> Marc, I would gladly like to try your Transfer Tool.
> regards
> Daniel Sananés
> Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB
> Tel:  + 46 (0)736 70 40 70
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> Daniel,
> We built a data transfer tool that doesn’t require to import/export. 
> Since we have so much data we ran up to the limits of the file size of the OS. So we figured out a way to work around it.
> If you want I can send you a copy of our library.
> What you might want to do in advance is to check which index is giving 
> you all of your data ( run over each index start to end & end to start 
> to find an index which is fully functional )
> If none of them is fully OK you will have to see which index is the best en how ( which index ) can you give the missing records.
> Marc
> PS: to keep our data in good health:
> 	- we try not to delete and insert data ( mark them as to be deleted )
> 		after we deleted the data we do an import-export
> 	- we do daily a quick-check and if something is found we perform a import export with our tool
> 	- we use ODB to share our data in multi-user
> On 7 Jun 2016, at 19:57, Daniel Sananes wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Summer has hit Sweden. Really warm.
>> One of our datafiles is corrupt.
>> The only way now seem to be export and import.
>> Can I use omnis data transfer for this or should I use any of the 
>> other alternatives?
>> Maybe the faults will be exported if I use omnis data transfer?
>> regards
>> Daniel Sananés
>> Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB
>> Tel:  + 46 (0)736 70 40 70
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