Datagrid columnnames and widths

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Thu Jun 9 02:48:52 EDT 2016

Hello JR,

Somehow my reply from yesterday is not posted on the list.
I can assign new values, no problem.
I can get new values when a user changes the widths, also no problem.
However, i want to fetch the current values when initiating the window.
On FAT client i can fetch these with notation, but in JS Forms i get  
the message that this notation is not supported.
So my notation is wrong or it is not possible.
If this last one is the case i have to figure out a way to do this  
with JavaScript code.



Zitat von JR Wright <jr_wright at>:

> Bob -
> There are many notation calls in the Java Script that require the method be
> run on the client side to obtain the properties of the object.
> Instead of using $construct, you should use $init and make it a client side
> method.  If what you are trying to do is not supported on client side
> method, you can then call a Server Side Method with a "Do method" to
> complete you process.
> $init (client side)
>   Do iColumnWidths.$assign($cinst.$objs.DATA_GRID.$::columnwidths)
>   Do iColumnNames.$assign($cinst.$objs.DATA_GRID. $columnnames)
>   Do method $ServerSideDoStuff
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> Hi all,
> In 'FAT' client I can get and set the values of the $columnnames and
> $columnwidths of a (Headed) List.
> In a JavaScript form i can get in the event evColumnsResized of a datagrid a
> parameter pColumnWidths width the new values.
> However i want to fetch the current widths of the columns when the window is
> opened.
> Where Calculate lColWidths as $cwind.$objs.ListName.$columnwidths in FAT
> client provide the widths of the columns, is this not happening in
> JavaScript Forms. This is also with the column names.
> The error message is that the notation is not supported.
> I tried it several ways in a method in the datagrid with $cobj.$columnwidths
> or $cfield.$columnwidths also with () after the function, but always the
> message not supported.
> Also from outside the object with
> $cinst.$objs.datagridname.$columnwidths() i get a notation error.
> Does anyone knows the way to get the columnwidths and columnnames of a
> datagrid or is it simply not possible?
> Thanks,
> Bob
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