Omnis Studio 8 on older OS X versions

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Thu Jun 9 00:03:18 EDT 2016

Hi Michael,

Expect problems, if not now already, expect problems in the near future.
Ever since Apple has decided upgrades to their OS are free they have
become very aggressive in this respect, they've become very swift in
dropping in new APIs and deprecating old ones.
Ever since XCode 5 Apple has stopped putting SDKs in XCode older then 2
OSs, in XCode 7 you even only get the 10.11 SDK but it has a switch that
allows you to compile against 10.9 and 10.10 compatibility to make that
your minimum version.
You can grab the SDKs out of older versions of XCode to enable support
for older versions but at the risk of breaking your app. It's even come
to a point for me that I can't compile my XCOMPs for Studio 6 using
XCode 7 because it simply refuses to use the older SDKs, I have a copy
of XCode 6 for that purpose.

Assuming TL is using either the latest Xcode 6 or probably already XCode
7 to compile Omnis I doubt support for anything older then 10.9 is going
to even be a possibility for them now that Studio 8 has been rewritten
for Cocoa.

But in this case, blame Apple, not TL. They simply cater only for people
who upgrade.



On 9/06/2016 4:55 AM, Michael Houlberg wrote:
> $Listers:
> Studio 8 on Mac says it requires OS X version 10.9 (Mavericks) or later to run, but says it may run on older systems, but they haven’t been tested.  I’m moving my client to Studio 8 but now learn some of his companies computers are using older OS’s.  His oldest is 10.6 (Snow Leopard), he also has some 10.8 (Mountain Lion) systems.
> Is anyone running on an older operating system successfully, and what OS X version?
> Thanks,
> Michael
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