Datagrid columnnames and widths

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Bob -

There are many notation calls in the Java Script that require the method be
run on the client side to obtain the properties of the object.

Instead of using $construct, you should use $init and make it a client side
method.  If what you are trying to do is not supported on client side
method, you can then call a Server Side Method with a "Do method" to
complete you process.  

$init (client side)
  Do iColumnWidths.$assign($cinst.$objs.DATA_GRID.$::columnwidths)
  Do iColumnNames.$assign($cinst.$objs.DATA_GRID. $columnnames)
  Do method $ServerSideDoStuff

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Hi all,

In 'FAT' client I can get and set the values of the $columnnames and
$columnwidths of a (Headed) List.

In a JavaScript form i can get in the event evColumnsResized of a datagrid a
parameter pColumnWidths width the new values.
However i want to fetch the current widths of the columns when the window is
Where Calculate lColWidths as $cwind.$objs.ListName.$columnwidths in FAT
client provide the widths of the columns, is this not happening in
JavaScript Forms. This is also with the column names.
The error message is that the notation is not supported.

I tried it several ways in a method in the datagrid with $cobj.$columnwidths
or $cfield.$columnwidths also with () after the function, but always the
message not supported.
Also from outside the object with
$cinst.$objs.datagridname.$columnwidths() i get a notation error.

Does anyone knows the way to get the columnwidths and columnnames of a
datagrid or is it simply not possible?



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