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Thanks Jock,

Daniel Sananés
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You have to export using something like tab delimited format if you want clean data.  ODT will likely copy the corruption over.  You also need to pay attention to the number of records that actually get exported with each file.  When doing the export you specify the index that's used for each file and it's possible that you have corruption on that index.  If the number of exported records doesn't match the number of records in the database, you will have to try exporting on a different index and keep doing that till you get a good one or at least the one that is best.


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Hi all

Summer has hit Sweden. Really warm.

One of our datafiles is corrupt.
The only way now seem to be export and import.
Can I use omnis data transfer for this or should I use any of the other alternatives?
Maybe the faults will be exported if I use omnis data transfer?

Daniel Sananés
Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB
Tel:  + 46 (0)736 70 40 70

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