O$5.0.1 install on Windows 10

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Fri Jun 3 18:58:53 EDT 2016

Hey Gav,

Microsoft at some point pushed out an update that instead of asking you
to opt-in to the upgrade, you had to open up windows update and opt-out
of the upgrade. A very dirty game to play, the number of people I know
who have been caught out by this is staggering.

I heard somewhere, but I'm sure it was just a rumour, that Microsoft had
not even reached half their target of Windows 10 installs and had made
promises to vendors about it. A weird game is being played here..



On 4/06/2016 7:51 AM, Gavin Foster wrote:
> I was listening to the radio today and many people have been writing in to complain about their problems with Windows 10 upgrades.
> Some lost files they knew they had before the upgrade.
> Some felt they had been pressured into accepting the upgrade on hardware that could not sustain the new O/S.
> I also met someone who claimed he had not accepted the upgrade but switched his PC on in the morning and there it was - in all its glory, but too slow and unusable on his old machine.
> However, the biggest difficulties appeared to be from users upgrading from the older O/S’s like Win7, rather than from 8.1.
> Not much help but at least you’re not alone.
> I think Mike is right to suggest format and install Win 10 from scratch.
> Rgds,
> Gav
>> On 2 Jun 2016, at 22:40, Mike Matthews <omnis at lineal.co.uk> wrote:
>> I've seen this as well. I thought it was due to upgrade from Win7, and so far only a wipe and reinstall gets it going again.  Not good news
>> Mike

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