Q: What is the oldest computer program still in use?

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> As an afterthought.
> Could you imagine the whole Veteran’s Administration (VA), and all the hospitals in the planet and countries that have adopted the VA’s “VISTA" (i.e. “Veterans Information System Technology Architecture”), which is based on MUMPS, using an Omnis-based Thick-Client and Web-Client front-end.  This includes other Electronic Health Systems (EHRs) that also use MUMPS such as EPIC, MEDITECH, etc.; even England’s NHS uses MUMPS.
> What would have been the possibilities for Omnis….?
> Oh.  I can dream. Can’t I…?

Richie, you just reminded me of a great Lily Tomlin quote, "Forgiveness 
is giving up all hope for a better past."

Omnis enabled the careers of many on this list and the people behind it 
made what they thought were the best decisions with the information 
available to them at the time. All I know is that most generals are 
great at fighting the past war. They're not so great at fighting the 
next one. (Maginot Line, anyone?)


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