Q: What is the oldest computer program still in use?

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Hi Guys

For bang for buck and broad reach in the world - after Bletchley Park, of
course,  my suggestion:

Mumps 1966 - Written for VA in the US.  I believe Mumps is still the core
of the VA system although I know a descendant of Mumps - Intersystem's
Cache - has the contract to replace it. The Mumps code was released to the
public domain as a result of DVA Freedom of Information request. As a
result this core is used in many state based public health systems around
the world. The VA in the US has a demo app you can download and test
against their test harness.

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> Well there's this of course:
> http://edition.cnn.com/2016/05/26/us/pentagon-floppy-disks-nuclear/
> Makes me glad that I'm geographically a long long way from the main arena
> (especially with the imminent "Donald" threat...)
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