Weird Performance via VCS

Udo Sonnabend U.Sonnabend at
Thu Dec 29 15:34:57 EST 2016

Hi Folks

We have a strange performance Problem concerning checkin / checkout via VCS.
A fast (!) class checked in and then checked out loses performance factor 5.
Had u similar problems ?

More details:
Studio 5.1.1, VCS to MSSQL-DB, Windows 8/10
A Superclass with one subclass, if checked in and then WITHOUT changes directly checked out is very slow. Comparing these two classes before and after they are identical. From the subclass exist around 3000-4000 instances hold in different lists inside other object instances. I know that keaping instances of object classes inside lists knocks hard on performance. But why without changing the programm structur or refactoring  checkin/checkout over VCS becomes so slow ?

May be one explanation could be that a class has an internal unique key which is changed via a build by VCS and then when interacting with existing instances of < another > Key forces memory allocation or coercion in some way ?

Any idea ?

TIA and Happy New Year

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