O$6.1 $iremoteForms (More)

Mike Matthews omnis at lineal.co.uk
Wed Dec 28 19:02:34 EST 2016

I forgot to say:

I have a valid ref to the subWindow.  I have tried running:

No use at all. 

Hello All,

I have a remote form that has sub windows in it.  I can change the subform using:


But once it has been instantiated once, it stays in the list of $iremoteforms inside the $iremotetask.  And therefore the $construct is only run once.

How do you clear the usage of this form in the list of $iremoteforms, so that when I use it again, the $construct will run?

And then a final thought, is this a good thing to do, i.e., keep adding and then removing subforms this way, or should I find a better way of running a method inside the subform?



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