nothing to do with omnis ---- a merry christmas to all

Andrew Pavey andrew at
Sat Dec 24 18:30:46 EST 2016

At last a sunny Xmas. Barbecue on the balcony 
looking over the harbour, with kids and grandkids.
A pleasant family day.

And Happy Holidays to all from the top of the world.



At 1:12 PM -0700 23/12/16, Doug Easterbrook wrote:

>that about says it all  Š.
>I hope everybody has a merry holiday -- coding 
>as little or as much as you want Š  and  with no 
>customers bugging you so that your holidays are 
>all very restful, and perhaps very white
>it is starting to snow here in Calgary and we 
>are supposed to have 10 - 20 cm of snow cover 
>for Christmas.      it really puts you in the 
>all the best. 
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