Print a report inside a record position section?

Andrew Clow andrew at
Thu Dec 22 18:54:10 EST 2016

Hi $list,

I have a report that will print a number of records, those records have multiple lists that need to be displayed.
Most of those lists can be printed with a datagrid or wrapping list component, but I have one that has a more complex display requirement.

Essentially it will be a table with some merged cells, and some rows will be auto-height for multiple lines.

I can easily build this if the source list was the $mainlist of the report, but at the moment it looks like I'm going to have to attempt adding objects & positioning bars via notation.

Is there a way I can have the positioning bar $print method get the results of another report and output it? (Omnis Studio 5.2)

Required output:
<Page Header>
<Record Section "Always start new page">: iClients
Client Name/Address/etc
<kPositioning follow previous section>: Fetch iList_1 then Do Default.
Wrapping list: iList_1
<kPositioning follow previous section>: Fetch iList_2 then Do Default.
Datagrid: iList_2
<kPositioning follow previous section>: Fetch iList_3 and pass to another report? Or add objects to this report via notation?
Custom table: iList_3
<kPositioning follow previous section>: Fetch iList_4 then Do Default.
Datagrid: iList_4
<Page footer>

Any advice appreciated,

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