O6.1.2 - Unlisted SMTP Error code

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This is what I am using:

SMTPSend ('outlook.office365.com:587',ivSender,ivDestination,ivSubject,ivText,'','',ivSender,'$cinst.$smtpstatusproc',ivPriority,,ivSMTPUsername,ivSMTPPassword,ivSSL,ivSSLVerify) Returns status

Where ivSSL=2 and ivSSLVerify=0
Note the portnumber 587 after the SMTP-servername.

On Windows you also need to install OpenSSL.

Please note there is an error in the Omnis_Command_Reference manual in the description of the SMTPSend command.

In Studio version 6 the secure-parameter of the SMTPSend command is not a Boolean anymore but an integer.
The Whatsnew-manual describes it as follows:

TLS support for SMTPSend and POP3

The SMTPSend and POP3 commands now support Transport Layer Security (TLS), a secure network protocol, including STARTTLS for the SMTPSend command, and STLS for the POP3 commands. STARTTLS establishes an SSL connection after the initial socket connection to the SMTP or POP3 server has been established. You can request this when issuing a command that connects to the server, using the optional Secure parameter, which has the possible values:
0 means not secure
1 means immediately secure
2 means connect and then use STARTTLS/STLS to make the connection secure

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Onderwerp: O6.1.2 - Unlisted SMTP Error code

Dear all

I am trying to do an SMTPSend via Outlook. Some of the info has been sanitised, but shouldn’t change the sense of what I am doing.

I accept that I am a complete child when it comes to this, but I am trying to make pretty small steps and hoped that keeping it simple would make it easier to debug, if there is such a thing with comms.

However, in best traditions, the error code returned ‘-1034’ is not actually listed in the error codes in the Omnis Help.

Anyone got some suggestions as to where I am going wrong?

The SMTPSend line is… 

('outlook.office365.com','FV_USERNAME’,’fromme at myemail.com’,’Test Subject','Test email',,,'Bill',,,,FV_USERNAME,FV_PASSWORD,kTrue)

(FV_USERNAME is a properly formatted login name into my outlook account and is hence the ‘from’ email as well)

Many thanks

- Bill
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