O6.1.2 - Unlisted SMTP Error code

Bill Richards whizzybill at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 18:47:52 EST 2016

Dear all

I am trying to do an SMTPSend via Outlook. Some of the info has been sanitised, but shouldn’t change the sense of what I am doing.

I accept that I am a complete child when it comes to this, but I am trying to make pretty small steps and hoped that keeping it simple would make it easier to debug, if there is such a thing with comms.

However, in best traditions, the error code returned ‘-1034’ is not actually listed in the error codes in the Omnis Help.

Anyone got some suggestions as to where I am going wrong?

The SMTPSend line is… 

('outlook.office365.com','FV_USERNAME’,’fromme at myemail.com’,’Test Subject','Test email',,,'Bill',,,,FV_USERNAME,FV_PASSWORD,kTrue)

(FV_USERNAME is a properly formatted login name into my outlook account and is hence the ‘from’ email as well)

Many thanks

- Bill

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