$createnames strange DAM bug

Vik Shah Vik at Keys2Solutions.com.au
Tue Dec 20 00:59:09 EST 2016

Hi Listers,

Here is a pickle to pick on while we are all on our deserving breaks. :-)

The backend is MS SQL server 2008 R2 and the client is Studio 4.3.2.x (running on windows). As a part of the installation process we create the entire database and the tables and all the assortments that go with it. 

With the recent build of the library when creating the database it fails at ONE table only. The $createnames method returns the column name and NULL. 
e.g. (normally) ma_id varchar(16), ma_name varchar(250) ...
But we get, (bug), ma_id NULL, ma_name NULL, ...

We opened up the schema class and it looks like all the other schema classes we have, similarly we checked our table class, its the same as all the others.

We deleted the schema and table classes and recreated them, still the same...?!?

Has anyone here ever seen anything like this. Is this library corruption? Is this a DAM bug?

NOTE: if we run the same creation process on PostgreSQL server, all goes well !?!


Vik Shah
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