Tooltip on Headed List Box

Grant Thiessen bookitinc bookit at
Mon Dec 19 11:11:44 EST 2016

in the $userinfo of the list, put code like:

[con(lst([your list name],mouseover(kMLine),[your additional info]))]

the additional info needs to be in the list definition, even though it is not displayed in your list.

I use this in my application for the same purpose you want to use it for.

PS sorry, should have explained, this puts the data into a statusbar on my window, in which the information is displayed.

Grant Thiessen

> On 12-19-2016, at 8:58 AM, Andrea Zen <a.zen at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Headed List Box where I display several rows, and I'd like to dynamically change the tooltip while I move (only move, without clicking) the mouse cursor over the various rows. Is it possible?
> (the aim is to show additional row informations as a tooltip).
> Andrea Zen
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