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Stephen Baugh stephenbaugh at
Sun Dec 18 13:11:48 EST 2016

Ah of course, the result is just saved into a column position, and then that result goes into corresponding query column. I got so preoccupied with trying to get the “as” in the select statement I didn’t think to try.

I’ll give it a go today, thanks so much.


On 19/12/16, 4:52 AM, "omnisdev-en on behalf of Phil (OmnisList)" <omnisdev-en-bounces at on behalf of phil at> wrote:

    Hi Stephen,
    Yes that is the case, the alias is applied to the resulting list, and is 
    not put into the select statement itself, thus saving sending the text 
    to the sql server...
    not sure, but I guess, like you are saying, if the variable is in scope 
    then it probably would work.
    Phil Potter
    Based in Chester in the UK.
    On 17/12/2016 15:30, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
    > without me going to try it… do you know if you can put substitution variables in the query class
    > as in things like the following    (although I suspect if you could, it would have to be a variable of global scope)
    >   C_DATE_UPDATED at time zone [tzvar]
    On 17/12/2016 23:28, Stephen Baugh wrote:
    > Thanks everyone for your assistance with this.
    > Hey Phil
    > I’ve tried this but when I do a .$selectnames() to build the variable names to use in the select statement the “as and variable name” or “alias” part is missing, only the calculation is included in the text return. Do you do anything special to return the structure of the query for use in the select statement?
    > Thanks
    > Stephen
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