What Mac OS can I run Studio 4.3.1 on

Alain Stouder Omnis omnis at smartway.ch
Fri Dec 16 14:53:13 EST 2016

Hi Scotte,

I think 10.8 is the last where Studio 4.3 is 100% ok.

Stefan had a hack and a dylib to enable PG support on 10.9 and upwards but it makes FileOps commands less reliable. 

If we are so many on Studio 4.3, I wonder why the new TL doesn't consider issuing a fix for PG support. I guess most of the issues are related to an aging network API that Apple first retired from the OS distribution of 10.9 and prompted Mitford to fix in Studio5.

Just my 2 centimes,

Learn something new every day!

> On 16 Dec 2016, at 20:07, Scotte Meredith <spomacguy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to run an app in Studio 4.3.1 on OS X 10.11. When it tries to instantiate the PG DAM, it crashes.
> I can run it on a backup laptop that has 10.6. Was going to try to run it under Parallels, but requires 10.6 Server, and also have to user a much older version of Parallels I don’t have, and that probably won’t run on 10.11.
> What is the newest OS X anyone has run Studio 4.3.1 on?
> Scotte Meredith
> SpoMacGuy at gmail.com
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