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Stephen Baugh stephenbaugh at
Thu Dec 15 22:47:44 EST 2016

Thank you, Jonathan, and Doug, these are exactly what I want to do.

Jonathan, can I confirm what you have said.

Do you mean you put the mysql calculation eg …


… in the Omnis Query Class (second column) and the alias in the third column, or do you mean you create a dummy field in the definition and the populate the list with a select calculation that does the calculation?


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    Hi Stephen,
    I'm not sure about that, but you can add calculated columns to a query class prior to defining the list. The calculation needs to be SQL, so you could call a function in your DB to deliver the goods.
    Jonathan Rumbold
    On 16 Dec. 2016 9:42 am, Stephen Baugh <stephenbaugh at> wrote:
    Hi Everyone
    Is there a way to add columns to a .$definefromsqlclass list definition, so that a calculation is processed as the list is built?
    This might be a pick lookup or math function etc
    I want to add for example, the following calculations to this definition, after of course adding the new columns separately if required.
    Do $cinst.iWindowList.$definefromsqlclass($cinst.iRowTableName) Returns lvStatus
    Calculate Month as ovControl.$doDivide(C_SUPP_BAL_MTH,REG_EXCHANGE_RATE)
    Calculate Current as ovControl.$doDivide(C_SUPP_BAL_CUR,REG_EXCHANGE_RATE)
    Calculate 30days as ovControl.$doDivide(C_SUPP_BAL_30,REG_EXCHANGE_RATE)
    Calculate 60days as ovControl.$doDivide(C_SUPP_BAL_60,REG_EXCHANGE_RATE)
    Calculate 90days as ovControl.$doDivide(C_SUPP_BAL_90,REG_EXCHANGE_RATE)
    Both C_SUPP_BAL_MTH and REG_EXCHANGE_RATE are defined in the list definition.
    I hope this makes sense, and as always thanks for the help.
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