Move ODB from Mac to Windows 2012 R2

Stephen Baugh stephenbaugh at
Thu Dec 15 17:43:23 EST 2016


We currently have an approx. 3.5GB 20 Segment ODB database (Studio 6.1.2) hosted on a Mac Server running Osx 10.10.5. We would like to move this to Windows 2012 R2, but the documentation is a bit confusing.

It says ODB is for sharing files from Mac, but then mentions Linux and Windows 2000/XP/7, so first question is can this be moved to 2012 or is the something else we should be using to share the DB. We are moving to SQL but still have significant data in the native data file.

Second question is, is the migration safe? We should hate to risk the data integrity by moving it to Windows, if for example the data files were not completely compatible with the OS. Has anyone else made this move?


PS This is a temporary move while until we finally move completely to MySQL in about 4mths time.

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